5 reasons why you should visit Moldova

The small country of Moldova is not only famous for its amazing wines! Even tourism here has a slight aftertaste of a grape drink, and the peak of tourist invasion falls at the beginning of October – on this day the residents of Moldova celebrate National Wine Day. Visiting the country on this holiday, you can get acquainted with the country and get to know the friendliness of the locals. But let’s look at the points, where it’s explained why Moldova should be visited:
5 reasons to visit Moldova:
Despite the fact that tourists rarely perceive a small post-Soviet country as a holiday destination, it is really worth a visit. For lovers of a quiet, comfortable and informative vacation, it fits perfectly. Listed below are 5 reasons why a vacation in Moldova will be exciting and comfortable:

  1. Easy to get to. -Most of the settlements of the country are villages and towns. There are really few large cities, so it is best to start the journey from the capital – Chisinau. This is a transport center where you can get by bus, train and plane from Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Minsk and other cities of Europe, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Flight by plane will take only 1-2 hours, depending on the point of departure.
  2. Sunny weather. -Moldova is famous for its natural beauty: forests, fields and vast vineyards. The terrain is mostly flat and very green, so the trip will be accompanied by beautiful landscapes. At the end of spring, tourists will be able to admire the red poppy fields, and in the fall, the foliage begins to glow with the bright yellow fire of autumn colors. They say this is a spectacle of incredible beauty. Be sure to come here, because the wine is poured here all year round!
  3. Wine tours. -Wine is something worth visiting in Moldova. Even the most sophisticated wine connoisseur will be delighted to taste dry and semi-dry, sweet and semi-sweet drinks from different grape varieties. And what are the famous Cricova wine cellars, which occupy an honorable second place after the world’s largest Milestii Mici cellar. A cellar 120 km long started to be used as a cave for extraction of limestone dince the 15th century. In the 1950’s it started to be used as a wine store. Today it is known that more than one million bottles of the rarest wines are stored there, the most aged of which dates back to 1902.
  4. Very tasty food. -The national cuisine of Moldova is extremely diverse and very tasty, and therefore it is certainly worth trying at least the main dishes. While relaxing in Moldova, be sure to try the “placinte” – flat dough cakes that are fried or baked in the oven with almost any filling, sweet or savory. Men will appreciate the “tokan” – ground pork roased with onions and seasonings, such as garlic, herbs, wine and sauces, and served with feta cheese.
  5. A comfortable trip. -Travel with company BESTMoldova.md is a guarantee of high tourist reception, quality service and professionalism. A wide range of services along with affordable prices and European services will make your trip bright, interesting, comfortable and unforgettable!

We invite you to visit Moldova and look forward to every tourist!

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